Friday, April 17, 2015

Exciting Updates

Hello there dear reader,

First and foremost, I must apologize for my recent lack of posting (I'm sure you've been anxiously been refreshing the page in hopes of stumbling across a new biography but have found yourself disappointed). Not long ago I officially completed the lists for Prince George and Princess Caroline up to the year 1737, which were the exact parameters of my internship.

But worry not, for I have not been idle. Instead, I have switched my focus from the monarchs to their children. A project which I will be able to carry on into the summer.

How may you ask?

This leads me to my exciting piece of news: I am pleased to announce that Dr. Bucholz and I have been awarded a Provost Fellowship for the summer!

So, what does this mean?

More lists for me and more learning opportunities for you (if that doesn't make your heart jump for joy then I honestly don't know what will). The Provost Fellowship will allow me to continue the work I have been doing for Dr. Bucholz but with an additional stipend that we can use to send me to libraries and archives with additional primary resources. Not enough for England, but alas, that's a dream for another day.

Over the summer my research will continue with the Hanoverian courts but with a specific focus on those of the King and Queen's children. Hopefully I'll also be able to provide you with additional enthralling biographies of the court members of said children. I have already begun working on the list for the eldest son, Frederick, Prince of Wales, for I know a bit about him and because his tense relationship with his father already makes him a figure of interest (fun fact: the Hanoverians didn't really get along with their children. Who needs Soap Operas when you can research 18th century Hanoverian family drama?)

All of this to say you need not fret, I will continue posting about my research. If you feel like learning something, which of course you do, then be sure to come back and visit (or you can follow my blog. Whatever works for you).